Welcome to Addis Ababa Capital City
Addis Ababa is characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts, the highest capital in Africa, gateway for most tourists, political and commercial heart of Ethiopia. Founded by Emperor Menelik II the last in a succession of the great Abyssinian Empire, dating back to the pre Christian Queen of Shebah Axum Empire. This high elevation gives the Addis a pleasant climate with average high temperature of 23C - 73F and the low temperature 10C - 50F and there is no mosquitos an high altitude.

Ethiopian Lion of Judah in National Museum, Addis Ababa Addis Ababais the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union. Famous exhibit fossilized skeleton of the early hominid 3.2 million years old Lucy, is preserved at the Ethiopian National Museum.

The museum offers much more, with Ethiopian civilization being one of the oldest in the world, the artefacts within the museum span thousands of years.

Addis Mercato, is crowded and chaotic but it is so incredibly entertaining and full of life and character, that walking around is one of the best things to do in Addis.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Kidist Selassie, with Haile Selassieis grave site is one of the most famous in Addis and the most sacred Orthodox church in the city, the Cathedral has medieval feel, decorated with statues and carvings.

Addis Ababa is an african cosmopolitan city, there are numerous restaurants offering various exotic dishes. The architecture is as varied as the city itself, tall office buildings, elegant villas, fashionable hotels, conference halls, museums and theatres.
There is no designated city centre Addis simply grew in a natural, organic way. Addis streets are languorous during the day, manifestation of Ethiopia’s slow pace of life.

People are very friendly there is not violence in Addis, just hold onto your wallet and cell phone. Walking in Addis Ababa is a pleasant and sensible way of getting around, locals will happily greet you with "Welcome to Addis" asking how you are doing. With a population over 5 millions Addis is the biggest city in Ethiopia.

Many of the wealthiest people live in Bole, Ayat and Lamberet part of town. There are lots of international embassies in Addis, a hub for international diplomacy in Africa. Bole International Airport is a hub for many local flights, eight East Africa Airlines for many international and african flights.

Located near the Bole International Airport is the new Medhane Alem Savior of the World Cathedral the second largest in Africa.

Addis beauty    Emperor Haile Selassie tomb in Holy Trinity Cathedral    Ethiopian traditional costume     Ethiopan Gold Crowns

Meskel Square is one of the noted squares in the city and is the site for the annual Meskel at the end of September. Red Terror Museum is located on Bole Road near the Maskal Square, Hager Fikir Theatre, the oldest theatre in Ethiopia, located at the Piazza district.

The city is home to the Ethiopian National Library, the Ethnological Museum and former palace, the Addis Ababa Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Railway Museum and the National Postal Museum.
Notable buildings include St George's Cathedral founded in 1896, Holy Trinity Cathedral once the largest Ethiopian Orthodox Cathedral location of Sylvia Pankhurst's tomb, burial place of Emperor Haile Selassie and the Imperial family.

Africa Hall is situated across Menelik II avenue, home of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, as well as most UN offices in Ethiopia, and the African Union. Parliament building built during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, with its clock tower it continues to serve as the seat of the Parliament.

Merkato district, which happens to be the largest open market in Africa, is impressive Grand Anwar Mosque the biggest mosque in Ethiopia. A few meters to the southwest of the Anwar Mosque is the Raguel Church, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family is also situated in the Merkato district.

Entoto Mountains that rises up to 3 300 m - 10 830 ft, on the mountain you will find the first churches of Addis Ababa called St. Mary and St. Raguel, as well as smaller palace of Menelik II. Very beautiful landscape intersected by farmlands and trails of farmers. It is from here that Menelik II and Queen Taitu conceived of the establishment Addis.

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