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Axum original capital of the eponymous Kingdom of Axum, it was one of the most powerful kingdoms in sub Saharan Africa. Aksum Kingdom identified as Abyssinia, the Empire of Axum maintained traditiona relations both with the Greec and Roman world also with India and China, its most prosperous times.
During the Axumite times the old Ge-ez language became the official language, it is still used in the Ethiopian church. The origin of Ge-ez language is South Arabic, spoken by people who came from Yemen long before Axumite times.

Axum rich architecture as aproven by the big obelisks, still to be seen, an inspiration for modern world. Axum Stelae are the most identifiable part of the Aksumite legacy. These stone towers served to mark graves or represent a magnificent building. The largest of these towering obelisks measure 33 meters high, had it not fallen. The Stelae have most of their mass out of the ground, stabilized by massive underground counter weights. The stone was often engraved with a pattern or emblem denoting the king's.

The Empire of Aksum at its height extended across most of present day Eritrea, northern Ethiopia, Yemen, southern Saudi Arabia and northern Sudan. Axum continued to be the crowning place for royals until Emperor Haile Selassie. Ras Tafari is the Haile Selassie's original name, is the origin of the Rastafari movement.
The church of St Mary of Zion of Axum, place where the Ark of the Covenant is kept, brought to Ethiopia from Jerusalem by the Menelik.

There are flights to Axum from Addis Ababa, Gondar and Lalibela. The easiest way to travel to Axum from Addis is to take a bus leaving for Shire - Inda Selasie, the ride will take around 11 hours and will stop at Debark.

Accommodation and dining:
- Ramhai Hotel is situated on the eastern edge of the town, hot water and satellite TV.
- Africa Hotel provides clean rooms with hot water, set in attractive flowering gardens.
- Atse Kaleb Hotel has rooms with cold water.
- Bazen Hotel, for budget travellers clean room with a double bed and access to a common hot shower.
- Axum Touring Hotel and the Yeha Hotel serve Western food.
- Mini Pastry next to the Kaleb Hotel has a pleasant courtyard and serves coffee, fruit juice and a good breakfast.

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Famous African Queen of Sheba, lived in Axum. She traveled to Jerusalem where she become bride of the King Solomon of ancient Israel. Menelik was the only offspring of the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon was his father.
As a young man, Melenik brought Israelites from Jerusalem to Ethiopia, that explains strong Jewish influence in Ethiopian culture.
Melenik eventually became the King of Ethiopia, the monarchy that descended from the Queen of Sheba remained in power in Ethiopia, until 1974 when Haile Salassie passed away.

Exemplary Axum Museum illustrates just how cosmopolitan and technologically advanced Axum was, you can purchase a pass which will allow you access to all the historical within walking distance of the town. Stelae field show the most impressive technological achievement of the Axumites, who erected several solid granite stelae, the largest of which was taller even than obelisks in Egypt.

St Mary of Zion Church, inside which there are old paintings and musical instruments, women may not enter the church.
Queen Sheba's Swimming Pool and the Pantaleon Monastery, the monastery is situated on a euphorbia-clad hill known as Debre Katin, and boasts one of the oldest and most historically important churches in Ethiopia. Women may enter the monastery compound and see the various holy crosses and books, but the church is for men only.