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Reasons to Make a Trip to Ethiopia
Ethiopia offers you more than just one reason to choose it as a travel destination, there are many reasons to visit Ethiopia, it is a great choice for adventure vacation. Ethiopia is set among a contrasting environment of natural beauty where lakes, mountains and wildlife reserves compete for attention.
Easy accessibility, Ethiopia is one of the most accessible places. There are numerous flights to Ethiopia, if you are living in North America, Europe, Africa or Asia you will not have problems reaching Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Airlines are the best among African airlines, they flies to 62 destination worldwide. Ethiopia offer comfortable accommodation, in numerous accommodation options, that range from cheap lodges and inns to luxury hotels. You can choose from a range of resorts and hotels to stay.
If you are the one who loves music all night long then Ethiopia is the place to be, Addis Ababa boasts of the best nightlife that you could ever enjoy. The place is literally flooded with numerous bars, clubs, discs and other night spots.

The land of Ethiopia provides an extraordinary variety of landscapes, with its huge and lofty central plateau area contrasting totally with its hot deserts and Rift Valley lakes. Ethiopia has a picturesque landscapes from the high mountains to the beautiful lakes and falls. The country is home to nearly a hundred different tribes, each with its own language and its own highly colourful culture. Some of these Ethiopian ethnic groups live as naturally as any peoples on earth.

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Ethiopia is one of the best kept secrets in the world for seeing an astonishing range of wildlife, while you can certainly see some of the larger animals such as lions and elephants in various areas. Ethiopia's main attraction lies in the sheer variety of its smaller and perhaps less dramatic wildlife, designating many regions of the country as National Parks, there are many areas where wildlife is protected, like the Babille Elephant Sanctuary. The different habitats of these National Parks reflect the diversity of the country itself.

Most notable of all in Ethiopia is the variety of endemic species that can be seen, both mammals and birds. Ethiopia is one of the most satisfying countries in the world for the adventurous birdwatcher, does not take an experienced ornithologist to delight in the variety of colourful birds.

Tourists visiting Ethiopia are impressed by the colour and individuality of the cultures and traditions of Ethiopian people, there is a strong and secure sense of identity and pride that is visible in all aspects of life.

Religion plays a guiding role in the life of Ethiopian people, whether it is Christianity or Islam, or more localised animistic beliefs. The churches are filled with picturesque images of colour and tradition, religion is a secure and accepted element of everyday life in Ethiopia and the language is full of references to God. Ethiopian Orthodox church is a fascinating feature of this unusual country.
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Priests abound in their often colourful robes, carrying their staffs and ornate crosses that people frequently kiss as they pass. Christianity came to Ethiopia in ancient times and became the official Ethiopian religion in the 4th century. The Orthodox church has many connections with ancient Judaism.
Islam is also very strong in many parts of Ethiopia, frequently existing peaceably alongside Christianity. The city of Harar is officially the fourth most holy Muslim site in the world.

Ethiopia has fascinating history many tourists see Ethiopia for the first time by travelling on the historic route, and many of them assume that this is Ethiopia in its entirety. Country boasts one of the oldest and most colourful histories of any African kingdom. In prehistory, it was the home of the earliest hominids on earth. 3.2 million year old fossilised remains of a human have been unearthed in Dikika region.
Ethiopian traditional history stretches back to King Solomon time.

Few know much of the mighty Axumite Empire that grew up in the north after the birth of Christ and which was a major trading centre for some seven hundred years. Neither have many people heard of the inspiring rock hewn churches that were constructed during the Middle Ages in Lalibela.

Ethiopia offers you some more reasons to visit, these include delectable cuisines, it has its own very individual menu of food and drinks.
Above everything else, the place offers you inexpensive trip, unlike other travel destinations, Ethiopia is a lot more affordable.

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